• Where are gradings held?
    Kyu gradings (pre-black belt) are held every three months starting in March and usually occur on the second Sunday of the month. Although it is common that students do grade every 3 months, they are not expected to do so and are only encouraged to when their instructor feels they have reached the necessary ability to obtain the next grade. A simple guideline for the lower grades is that with frequent training it should be possible to achieve the next grade after 20 lessons or more. A guideline of 30 lessons is used once the grade of brown belt is reached. The gradings are held at the Stevenage Dojo, (Stevenage Leisure Centre) with parents and relatives welcome to come and watch.
  • What do I have to wear?
    All you need to start karate is some comfortable loose fitting clothes without sharp zips, fastenings etc. When you feel Karate is right for you then you can purchase a Gi.