Knebworth Student of the Year Award 2006

Knebworth Student of the year award Student of the year award
Well done to Joseph who won the Knebworth Student of the year award 2006!

ESKA Karate Club Christmas Ball November 2006

The junior black belts who passed their Black belts in June celebrated as they were awarded their Shodan certificates at the annual Christmas Ball. Here pictured with Mike Nursey Chief Instructor 7th Dan.

Junior Black Belts

Below Knebworth Club Instructors

Knebworth Club instructors

Woolmer Green day on July  16th

Knebworth karate club was pleased to demonstrate their skills at the Woolmer Green day on July  16th. Demonstrations of basic karate moves, katas, self-defence and fun were given to the crowd. See the gallery for more photos!

Knebworth Karate Club

3rd July 2006 Mark Bailey Fundraising

The Knebworth Karate Club supported the Birchwood Club Karate display at the fundraising event for Mark Bailey Fund, to help raise money for specialist MS treatment in Holland. The Fun day took place on the Roe Hill Playing Fields, Hatfield in glorious sunshine.

karate display

29th June 2006 Swallow Dell Strawberry Fayre

Several members of the club supported The Birchwood Club Karate club at the Swallow Dell Strawberry Fayre in Welwyn Garden City by giving a spectacular display of karate moves, kata, self-defence techniques followed by wood and tile breaking.

Self defense

SKIF in Watford on 11th March 2006

An International Open Course held by the SKIF in Watford on 11th March 2006 was attended by Sensei Tony and some of the students that train at Knebworth. Also attending were other members from other ESKA clubs. The course was led by Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan, assisted by Sensei Manabu Murakami 6th Dan and Sensei Shinji Akita 5th Dan.

Watford Kodokai played Host to the International course with students attending from all over the UK and the world. The day was broken up into 3 sessions over the day from 10.00am to 3.30pm. Sensei taught Gangkachu-sho Kata, which too many was the first time they had seen it.

At the end of the day we had the opportunity to have individual photos taken with the three Sensei’s and then anyone bringing books had them autographed to make them even more valuable to them!

Kanazawa training day