Unfortunately, this year’s Dinner Dance was cancelled but ESKA this year has awarded the following Senior Dan Grades dated 28/11/20

Congratulations to

Sensei Tony Stones – Rokudan – Knebworth

Sensei Farah Stones – Yondan – Knebworth

Two new Black Belts, December 6th 2020
Well done to Emma for achieving Black belt and Max Junior Black Belt. It hasn’t been easy training throughout lockdown and they have shown such dedication.
Black Belt Emma 2020Black Belt Max 2020

New Nidan and New Intermediate Black Belt, November 16th 2019
Well done to Ben for achieving Nidan and Emma for Intermediate Black belt.
New Nidan and New Intermediate Black Belt

New Sandan and New Junior Shodan, May 11th 2019

Well done Matt for achieving Sandan and Leo for passing his Junior Black Belt.

New Shodan. November 2018

Well done Graham Fountain for passing his Black Belt grading.

Graham Shodan

New Junior Intermediate Dan Grade June 2018

Well done to Leo for passing his Junior Intermediate Black Belt at the Kyu grading. Well done. It is not an easy path and he kept going.

Leo intermediate black belt

Black Belts May 2018

Congratulation to Nigel for passing his Black Belt at the grading yesterday (12/05/18). Well deserved. Also a well done to Graham who trains regularly with us at the club.

Nigel shodan
New Dan grades ready for more training November 2017

Knebworth karate ESKA Dan grades
Dan Gradings November 2017 

Knebworth Karate Club celebrates four new Junior Blackbelts and one Intermediate Black Belt.

Junior Blackbelts

Intermediate Black Belt

The grading took place Saturday, November 11th. Well done all of you.

Dan Gradings April 2017
Matthew Nidan
Well done to Matthew who instructs at our club on achieving Nidan (2nd Dan) Saturday 29th April. He had a brilliant grading and worked incredibly hard.

Dan gradings November 2016

Ben awarded black belt

Congratulations to Ben on achieving his Junior Shodan.

Dan gradings May 2016

Matt Nidan

Congratulations to Matt on achieving his 2nd dan and Nick on achieving his Junior Shodan.

Nick junior Shodan

New Second Dan November 2015
Sam 2nd Dan

Congratulations to Sam on achieving his 2nd dan.

Youngest ever Dan Grade November 2014

Dan grading November 2014

Knebworth Karate Club would like to congratulate Matthew Passingham, aged 12 years, on becoming the youngest ever black belt to pass his Dan Grading at the club. The grading took place on Saturday 8th November 2014 at Little Staughton in Bedfordshire. The grading was 4 hours long, covering all aspects of the ESKA Shotokan Karate syllabus including Kata and Kumite. Matthew has been training for over 6 years and in that time he has shown great spirit and determination to achieve this wonderful award. Matthew will now start his coaching program and we are confident that with his continued enthusiasm, he will become a great instructor.

November 9th 2013 Dan Grading

Congratulations to Ben, Robin and Joseph on achieving their junior black belt.

Dan grading November 2013

May 11th 2013 Dan Grading

Congratulations to Daniel, Sam, Rhianne and Owen on passing their Junior black belts.

Dan grading May 2013

November 10th 2012 Dan Grading

Congratulations to Paul on achieving Nidan. Congratulations to Lee and Maria for achieving black belt.

Dan gradings November 2012

May 19th 2012 Dan Grading 

Congratulations to Adam on achieving his black belt. Congratulations to Lee and Maria on achieving their intermediate black belts.

Dan gradings May 2012

November 12th 2011 Dan Grading 

Congratulations to Adam on achieving his intermediate black belt.

Intermediate Black belts November 2011

November 13th 2010 Dan Grading

The club celebrates two new Sandans and one new dan grade black belt.


Farah Malik & Glen Hildyard Sandan


Tracy Lester Dan grade

Tracy achieves her Intermediate-Dan Grade

On one of the hottest days of the year Tracy passed her Intermediate Dan grading on May 22nd 2010
Tracy passes her intermediate Dan
Jenny Hanson achieves her 2nd Dan.

After passing her nidan in November 2009 she received her second dan award at the annual Christmas ball. Presented by Sensei Mike Nursey 8th Dan and Sensei Nick Lower 6th Dan.
Jenny receives her nidan
Dan grading November 14th 2009

New black Belt - Christian

Congratulations to Christian for passing his Black Belt Dan Grading, Christian was entered as a junior but completed the adult  grading to a very high standard

The chief instructed Sensei Mike Nursey commented that “due to the high standard shown, and that Christian’s ability and knowledge extended to the entire adult syllabus he was pleased to award Christian with an Adult Black Belt”

Congratulations to Knebworth Students at the Dan grading on 25th April 2009

Matt Clark for achieving Intermediate Black belt

Emily Ringe for achieving Junior Shodan Black belt

Matt Allen for achieving Shodan Black belt

Warren Bone for achieving Shodan Black belt

Paul Clements for achieving Shodan Black belt

Jess Burton for achieving Nidan Black belt

Charlie Ringe for achieving Nidan Black belt

Louise O’Connell for achieving Nidan Black belt

It was a great day for the instructors to see all the hard work and effort put in by their students come to fruition. Everybody did extremely well in front of a very intimidating grading panel of nine high-grade examiners headed by Sensei Mike Nursey 8th dan. I think I can safely say it’s one of the best days Knebworth karate club has had.

Sensei Owen Ramsden

Dan gradings

Club Shot. Sorry, Louise is missing!

Junior Dans

Junior Dans


Intermediate and Dans

Dans Outside

Intermediate and Dans. Relief in the sun!

Second Dans

Second Dans

Congratulations to Paul, Matt and Warren for passing their Intermediate Black Belts on Saturday 15th November 2008. (Sorry Paul is missing from the photo).

Dan grading

Dan grading

Here we have Matt and Paul who passed their intermediate dan grading and David who achieved his 2nd Dan!


Finally a picture of Warren, Paul and Matt!

Congratulations to Matt and Vicky for passing their black belt in April 2008.

Matt & Vicky pass their blackbelt

Congratulations to Jenny on passing her Black Belt grading. May 2007.

This was a four-hour intense grading held behind closed doors and supervised by ESKA chief instructor Mike Nursey 7th dan. To achieve black belt requires intense training over a number of years and Jenny has exemplified this by training up to 6 lessons a week in some cases.

Well done Jenny

Black Belts May 07

New Junior Black Belt & Intermediate Black Belt

Congratulations to Jess who passed her junior Black Belt and to Jenny, our assistant instructor who passed her Intermediate black belt  on November 11th 2006.

Jenny & Jess


Junior Black Belts
On June 3rd 2006, many students who train several times a week with us at Knebworth karate club achieved their black belts.

They worked really hard and have done for many years to achieve this status. A big well done to them for achieving this.

Senior Dan Grades

We are pleased to announce that Sensei Owen Ramsden was awarded his 4th Dan in November 2005 and that Sensei Tony Stones was awarded his 3rd Dan also in November 2005.
Owen & Tony with their certificates